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Welcome to Paranjpe Opticians

About Us

Paranjpe Opticians is a Retail chain of shops originally from the city of Pune. We established ourselves in the core city area in the year 1956. With the ever expanding city, we have now grown into its new and upcoming suburbs. Paranjpe Opticians is one of the oldest Optician Shop in the city of Pune.

Our History:

My great-grandfather Shri. Yashwant G Paranjpe sowed the seeds of Optical knowledge in the family. He was a medical practitioner with specialization in the field of Ophthalmology. Along with diagnosing patients, he use to provide good quality and affordable spectacles to his patients.

Taking initiative from this, my grandfathers Shri. Gangadhar Y Paranjpe and Shri. Dinkar Y Paranjpe, started a Retail Optician Outlet. Currently we have three Retail Outlets operational in Pune City. The first shop was established in the year 1956 in Appa Balwant Chowk by the name of Paranjpe Opticians. After that, two more shops were established by the names Paranjpe Brothers Opticians (Est. 1984) and Paranjpe and Sons Opticians (Est. 2001) in the areas of Swargate and Karve Nagar respectively. With the dream of growing, my father, Shri Pradeep D. Paranjpe, started a factory for manufacturing lenses. Currently, we are into our fourth generation of Optical Dispensers with three retail outlets spread across the city.

Our Promise:

Along with Retail expansion, our main expansion has been on the technical front thus making the rest of the growth possible. We have developed a team of skilled work-force for manufacturing spectacles and servicing our esteemed customers. Customer Satisfaction has been our main goal responsible for our success over the past 50 years. We have built our reputation on precision in prescription glasses all along these years. We have set a benchmark in the city for precision, accuracy and reliability.

With the advent of Information Age, we are now expanding our products and services over the Internet. With skillful usage of Computer Science and Image Processing, we are now capable of providing all our services with the same quality maintained without the need of the customer being present, physically. With this technology, we will be able to process your Bifocal and Multifocal (Progressive Glasses) needing only a photograph, with much higher accuracy than was possible before.

Yours Sincerely,
Abhishek P. Paranjpe.